How to fall apart – a true love story

‘How to fall apart, a true love story’  is the remarkable tale of two people who find each other by saying goodbye.
Jelle and Sofie are two filmmakers who share a history as a couple. They also both have their own trauma to deal with. During a research trip in Greece they are inevitably confronted with their problems. They decide to point the camera at themselves, and start filming their candid talks, personal contemplations and everyday lives. The documentary shows that depression can initiate a positive change in life.

Belgium/Greece, 2016, 65 min.
With the support of Lichtpunt, Humanist broadcaster (Public Flemish Television: Canvas, Eén)

Selected at Docfeed festival (Nl), Eurofest (USSR), Spotlight festival, Award winner (USA), Vasteras festival (Sweden), Miami Independent Film festival (USA), San Mauro festival, Semi Finalist (IT), European Film festival, Finalist (USSR), Rome Independent Prisma (IT), Cinalfama Lisbon International (P), Dumbo Festival New York (USA), Docfest St. Petersburg (USSR)

How to fall apart, a true love story