ReCords, ReCuerdas.
Multimedia installation in cooperation with Bart Vandeput.

bartaku and sofiesaufage gathered digital and mental fragments during their 350-day journey from Ushuaia to Mexico City. ReCords is a multimedia installation that consists of a database of these found, produced and edited sounds, texts, images, memories and emotions. The encoding is based on a Pre-
Colombian information system (Inca Khipu) and on 21st-century ICT (random generator), media & electronics. The trapezium-shaped tent gives access to the media and represents the entire journey. Entering ReCords, every visitor becomes an active user to the extent that he/she will be able to weave his/her own story, submerged in this non-linear presentation of symbolic and non-symbolic content.

Wit the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund and Art Center Z33.
(Latin-America/Belgium, 2004)

Expositions: Art Center Z33, Museum for Industry, Crafts and Textile in Ghent, Generative festival Milano, Open Lab IMAL Brussel

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