Long live the dead!

“Long live the dead!” is a musical road movie set in northern Ghana. Stevo Atambire is a young master of the Kologo who travels by motorbike through the country of the Fra-Fra, to play at funerals. In the tradition, he improvises songs about the life of the deceased. A powerful art form firmly rooted among the people.

It is Stevo’s personal mission to further spread his music and culture worldwide. The film aims to reinforce this mission by showing how important music and rituals can be for a community, both in good times and in bad.

The Film received an honourable mention for the UNESCO Prize at the Africa Filmfestival 2023 in Leuven, Belgium. https://afrikafilmfestival.be/view/movies/long-live-the-dead

“Official Selection Black Star International Filmfestival” Ghana, Official selection “Worldwide Women’s filmfestival” Arizona, Official selection “Ethnografilm”, Paris.